Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Troll of Johann's Ferry

Johann's Ferry is at a wide boggy part of the Yori Delta. Old Johann built a sturdy boat and eaked out a meager existence here foraging, fishing, and carrying across the occasional traveler. Though eccentric he was generally well liked by wanderers and tinkers.

On a chilly winter morning Johann met a grisly end. A foul blister-skinned troll came out of the marsh as Johann stirred up the ashes of his fire and devoured him on the spot.

Now the troll can always be found lurking around the abandoned ferry waiting for unwary travelers to feast upon. The troll collects various shiny oddments he finds on and in his prey in the dense thicket he calls home. Of particular note among the treasure is the unadorned but deadly Knife of Gorm.