Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On the Care and Storage of Potions

Potions are neither dead nor static. They teem with a myriad beings all struggling for life. The more potent or complex the admixture the more dynamic the brew. The consequence being that potions and other concoctions are fundamentally unstable. Only the most skillful chemist can prevent the immediate onset of fermentation - which has unpredictable results.

To slow, prevent, or control fermentation a chemist is well advised to salt and chill his brew. Cold slows the growth and change of life. Salt encourages the growth of beneficent life and gives the brew a helpful vigor. Beware the consumption of too many salted potions for they can cause illness or death if taken in excess.

Gabor the Excellent writes: "the hemic dust endures ten eons and the liquor is unchanged." The meaning of this is lost.

Beware the storage of fermenting liquids in sealed glass! A potion is best stored such that it can both inhale and exhale.